Tech Fest Welcomes Panel of Leaders in IT, Security, Engineering April 14

Tech Fest promotional graphic

Free and open to all students and faculty at Shawnee State University

Shawnee State students can meet and learn from several regional technology leaders about successful careers in information security, computer engineering and more during the annual Tech Fest from 11 am to 4 pm Friday, April 14 in the Flohr Lecture Hall, SSU Library.The conference features keynote speakers, workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, all aimed at enhancing the attendees' knowledge and skills in various areas of technology.

Free food and beverages and a prize drawing are planned for participants.

From emerging trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning to cutting-edge developments in networking and cybersecurity, Tech Fest covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to today's tech industry.

Guest speakers for this year’s event will begin at 11 am and are scheduled every 45 minutes.

Among guest speakers, Jana Moore will present “Knowing Your Adversary: Keep Your Friends Close. Keep Your Enemies Closer. But which one is which?” Moore is the Chief Information Security Officer for Belron North America. She is accountable for delivering a global service for cybersecurity operations covering Identity & Access Management, Incident Response, Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence.

Ed Daniels, Senior Vice President Security and Chief Security Officer for Cardinal Health, will discuss “Profession Behavior in a Tribal Environment.” A senior leader in comprehensive program management, security, business process, regulatory compliance and risk management, and information technology, Daniels has been a member of the SSU Board of Trustees for more than eight years.

Brooke Denney, IT Security Analyst with Core BTS, will discuss “Finding Your Path in Cybersecurity.” A graduate of SSU, Denney specializes in data protection, risk management, third-party vendor management, security operations, and incident response. She has experience with organizations ranging from 800 to 30,000 individuals and has managed a variety of information systems, including a web presence of over 40,000 web pages.

Paul Yost, founder and Chief Technology officer for Yost Labs, Inc., will discuss “IoT Made Simple – Let’s Make an Internet of Things Device Together!” Yost’s company is a leading developer of inertial motion sensing products and cutting-edge virtual reality motion tracking systems. Yost is also an associate professor at Shawnee State University where he was the originator of the acclaimed Gaming and Simulation Engineering Technology degree program.

Jerrica Whitaker, graduating senior at Shawnee State University, will showcase knowledge in IoT protocols as well as critical thinking and communication of complex ideas. Whitaker will earn a degree in Information Security and an associate degree in business management.

Tech Fest is free and open to all students and faculty at Shawnee State University.